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Relationship not Religion

Matthew 12 Summary

Jesus turned religion and the religious upside down. He challenged their customs and traditions. However, he did not take away any of the commandments that God had put in place. He offered the Love of a relationship with the Lord of the Sabbath. Instead of rules and regulations of the religious, He wanted us to worship Him everyday instead of just on the Sabbath.

Read Matthew 12


When you follow Jesus with your whole heart, He will heal you of whatever worries you, provokes you, offends you and ails you. It is up to you and I to follow the Lord of the Sabbath and make Him Lord of every area of our lives. What part of your life are you still holding onto that you need to still give Him?


Lord help me to follow you, not out of obligation, not out of tradition, but with a sincere love that is wrapped in Your Spirit to help me overcome. Amen!