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30 Day Challenge (Day 22)

By January 23, 2017Daily Devo

Your Invited

Matthew 22 Summary

Matthew opens this chapter with Jesus telling the parable of the Marriage Feast. A king sends out wedding invitations to his family, friends and associates. But they were so concerned about themselves and their worldly possessions that they still refused to come.

The king destroyed those that did not come because they were not worthy. He then sent an open invitation to anyone who would come. Many responded and the hall was full, but when the king came in he found one man without a wedding garment. He took him and cast him out into the darkness.

The Lord then reveals via comparison the important things to understand about the kingdom of heaven. He does this to Sadducee, and Pharisees who were trying to trick him. The Lord then closes the chapter making Himself known. Asking: “What about the Christ? Whose Son is he? What answer did he receive? See Matt 22:41-45.

Read Matthew 22


At the end of the Parable of the Marriage Feast, after the man was cast into darkness the Lord states many are called ….. Have you heard the call and accepted Christ. When we accept His call, He gives us His garment of righteousness. How gracious is our God that He has called us to the wedding feast.

To remain in His righteousness, all we have to do is to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Have you kept the Lord as your priority or are there things you are putting ahead of Him?


Lord, continue to overturn the tables in my life. Search me Lord and reveal what you desire I remove. Let me not take the Kingdom of Heaven for granted but to be about tilling, seeding and caring for the tender plants you have put in my midst. Enable me to hold in view the price you paid to deliver me in your righteousness.