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Matthew 26 Summary

There is a constant theme in this chapter and it is JESUS!!!!! Jesus is modeling many things for the disciples.  Just think if you knew when you were dying and had a few more days left with your kids. What things would you be teaching them. Jesus is giving some of the best lessons He can give before He is crucified on the cross.

Some of the principles that Jesus taught in this chapter are faith, prayer, the Lord’s supper (communion), how to act when facing death, how to act when you’re being arrested  and the courage it takes to choose Jesus in this world.

We see in this chapter that the world will always seek to delegitimize Jesus. They try to explain away miracles, the world says the Bible is a fairy tale, and instead of teaching creation, they come up with a godless theory of evolution.

Our job is to glorify Jesus in everything we do in this life on earth.

Read Matthew 26


Matthew 26 shows a clear delineation of the age old question that we have in this life on earth.

What are we going to do with Jesus and the Cross??? Questions that I see in this chapter:

What is your relationship with Jesus? You are either for Him or against Him.

Are you all in, are you fully committed to Jesus, have you given Him every area of your life? We see this in Peter’s life.

What are you doing with your earthly vessels (time, treasure, talents)? Think about the woman with the alabaster jar, she gave Jesus her all.

Do you look at Communion and Prayer as mundane acts or do you approach them with reverence?

How would you feel if all the things you taught your kids in your last dying days were ignored or taken as mundane frivolous acts?


Jesus help me to be fully committed to you with my life, my family and all I have. Help me to cherish the things you have taught and continue to teach through your word. Amen.