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I’ve Been Set Free

Matthew 27 Summary

Matthew continues to document the event that took place before Jesus’ crucifixion. He was now being taken to Pontius Pilate the governor to be sentenced to death. But in the mean time, Judas, Jesus’ betrayer, regretting he betrayed Jesus, went out and hung himself.

Now when Jesus stood trial before Pilate, Pilate realized Jesus was innocent of the charges brought against Him. Pilate devised a plan to get Jesus released by letting the crowds choose who they would like to be released, Jesus or Barabbas a notorious prisoner. But to Pilate’s surprise, the people asked for Barabbas to be released and Jesus be crucified. The innocent Savior was taking the place of the guilty sinner.

So Pilate gave in to the pressure of the people, ordered Jesus to be beaten and crucified. They lead Him to a place called Golgotha where He was crucified between two thieves. Then at three O’clock in the afternoon, the sky turned dark, and shortly after Jesus “gave up His spirit.”

Jesus’ body was taken down and placed in the tomb of a rich man named Joseph and Pilate set guards at the entrance of the tomb to prevent anyone from stealing Jesus’ body.

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When Jesus stood trial before Pilate, Pilate realized Jesus was an innocent man. Jesus public trial was necessary because it gave everyone during Jesus’ lifetime to testify if they had seen Him do any sinful act. But no one brought any real evidence against Him because there was none.

If Jesus had at any point sinned, He would have died for His own sins. But the fact remains that He was “without sin,” which allowed Him to die for our sins, that anyone who believes on Him may be forgiven and pardoned for their sins.


Lord Jesus, thank you for sacrificing yourself on the cross. You could of defended your innocence but you took the blame so that I could be blameless. Since you died for me, help me and show me how I can live for you. Amen.