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The Highest Virtue

Matthew 5 Summary
Now when Jesus saw the great crowd of people following Him, He sat down on a mountainside to teach them how to live. He begins this greatest sermon ever preached with a list of eight bless-able attitudes that believers should have.

He then focused on the Law of Moses. He demonstrated that no one can actually keep the law because the law is broken when we sin in our hearts. Murder, adultery and broken promises all begin in the heart. Jesus said, He did not come “to abolish the law but to fulfill it,” meaning, He was the only one that never sinned by breaking the commandments. His accomplishment allows Him to give a pass into heaven to anyone who will receive it.

Jesus ends the chapter by calling us to the highest virtue of the Christian faith — Love. We are to love not only the lovable people but also our enemies. We are called to walk in love because love shows we are God’s children.

Read Matthew 5

Jesus calls us to love our enemies by blessing them, doing good to them and praying for them. Think about one or two people who you may consider to be your enemy (spouse, in-law, co-worker, neighbor). Pray about how God would have you show love to that person today.

Jesus, you called me to be perfect like God is perfect by receiving the righteousness you offer and loving like you love. Give me the strength to do what may seem impossible, that I may be more like you. Amen!