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Faith Filled vs. Fearful

Matthew 8 Summary

As we embark on a review of this chapter, we see that it begins with Jesus coming down from the mountainside after a powerful teaching. He is subsequently approached by two different individuals who display faith in their request for healing, and Jesus willingly answers their request.Jesus notably speaks about faith thereafter, and then goes on to perform another healing with Peter’s mother-in-law. Later that day, Jesus decided to embark on a voyage in a boat with his disciples and when a storm arose his disciples became fearful. Jesus addresses their fear which he reveals is actually a lack of faith. Setting an example for his disciples, Jesus rebukes the storm and it subsides immediately which awed his followers. The chapter culminates as Jesus personifies faith, when he confronts two demon possessed men and casts out the demons into a nearby group of swine revealing his authority. Jesus exemplifies amazing faith in this chapter, to heal the sick, calm the storms, and defeat the works of the enemy. Although his disciples were present and saw each miracle unfold before them, they struggled when faced with these challenges, causing Jesus to state “Yee of little faith”.

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Faith is definitely important to God, as Hebrews 11:6 says that without faith it is impossible to please God. Do you often feel like the disciples did, being fearful rather than faith filled? If so, your answer is found in Romans 10:17 which states that faith comes by hearing the Word of God. God promises that each has been given a measure of faith in Romans 12:3, and so you can be assured that you are not exempt. If you desire to be faith filled, commit to spending time in God’s Word each day. You can be assured, that just as the disciples eventually grew in faith as they heard the WORD of God (Jesus), you too will grow in faith as you spend time in God’s Word (the Bible).


Dear Lord, I know your Word says that without faith it is impossible to please you. I desire to please you and to be victorious in my daily battles in this life. Father please give me a passion for your Word and cause me to spend time in it each day so that my faith will grow and I will become more like Jesus.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen!