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    Free Indeed

    Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. – John 8:36 

    This is a ministry to individuals who have been released from prison and are recovering from substance abuse. Our mission and goal is to help these individuals come to the realization that true freedom comes from Christ.

    Calvary Chapel West Jacksonville partnership with The American Recovery Corporation (ARC). ARC was formed to assist recovering substance abusers in maintaining a clean, sober, and productive lifestyle. We believe providing spiritual guidance from the Bible to the staff and the residents of ARC is paramount to the success of the program.

    We have partnered with ARC to provide them with spiritual guidance along with other areas of need. Each week volunteers from CCWJ hold group bible studies at ARC. These volunteers also make themselves available to the residence for biblical counseling and guidance for anyone who may be in need.

    CCWJ also provides a place of worship where the residents and staff of ARC can congregate with other believers on a weekly basis. Attending these weekly worship services are also important for integrating the residence back into society.

    Volunteers Needed:

    If you have a heart to help disciple these individuals through bible study and encouragement, we would love see you get involved. We will provide you with training and the materials we use for the ministry. Please contact Donavan Mills for more information on how to get involved.

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    Donavan Mills

    Donavan Mills