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    • Communion Sunday::: Communion services are held the first Sunday of every month.
    • Baby Dedication::: If you would like your child to be dedicated, please contact Pastor Allen to make arrangements.
    • Baptism::: Speak to Pastor Allen if you would like to be baptized.
    • Benevolence Ministry::: Are you facing a difficult financial season? If yes, you don’t have to face this alone. We’ll do our best to help you through your time of need. Speak to Pastor Allen for assistance.
    • Duval County Assistance::: This link will open a pdf file that contains information on where to get help in many areas.Duval County Resource Guide
  • Biblical Counseling::: If you need help navigating a difficult situation or decision, we want to connect you to a biblical counselor who can help you find your way. Click here to download the Biblical Counseling Questionnaire to get started.
  • His Hands Ministry::: If you or someone you know is hurt or sick, please let us know that we may deliver meals and share Christ’s love in tangible ways. Place name & contact information in the tithes box.
  • Recorded Messages::: Messages can be downloaded free from our website (
  • Premarital Counseling::: So you want to get married? If so, you are desire a “good thing.” When God created marriage his intentions was for us to enjoy a relationship that will be lasting, blessed and used as a ministry as the watching world looks on at what a Christ centered marriage should look like. (read more)
  • Prayer Requests::: If you are in need of prayer, please ask one of our prayer counselors or fill out a prayer card and drop it in the tithes & offering box.  You may also send your requests to [email protected].  If you would like to pray for the needs of the church, send an email to [email protected].