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February 11, 2024

Blind Date: Making the Bible Attractive (Titus 2)

Passage: Titus 2
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In today's sermon, we delve into Titus chapter 2, exploring how we as believers present Jesus to others. Drawing an analogy from a nervous individual preparing for a blind date, we reflect on whether our lives attract others to Jesus or turn them away. As ambassadors of Christ, our actions and attitudes are crucial, as they form the initial impression of Jesus for many. Chapter 1 highlights the characteristics of church leadership, while Chapter 2 outlines the behavior becoming of the church, emphasizing the importance of living in a way that will attract people to Jesus.

Titus 2:1-10 serves as a guide for sound doctrine and conduct. It instructs us to speak what is proper for sound doctrine, emphasizing the responsibility of pastors to teach healthy doctrine, as beliefs directly influence behavior. The passage also addresses the conduct of different demographics within the church, from older men and women to young men, and women. Each group is called to exhibit qualities such as sobriety, reverence, integrity, and fidelity, which adorn the doctrine of Jesus our Savior.

Addressing older men, the sermon emphasizes the importance of setting a positive example regardless of age, while older women are encouraged to be reverent in behavior and refrain from gossip. Younger women are instructed to prioritize family, showing love and respect to husbands and children, guarding the home against negative influences. Young men are urged to demonstrate maturity by embracing responsibility and putting away childish behavior, leading their families in spiritual growth.

The passage extends to the concept of becoming bondservants, highlighting the significance of representing Christ in the workplace through obedience, integrity, and faithfulness. By living out these principles, believers adorn the doctrine of God, making it attractive to others. Despite challenges such as perceived religious hypocrisy, the transformative power of living out God's Word remains evident.

Titus 2:11-14 underscores the grace of God that brings salvation and instructs believers to live in anticipation of Christ's return. Viewing life through an eternal perspective enables believers to deny ungodliness and pursue righteousness, motivated by the hope of Christ's glorious appearing. As we await His return, we are called to speak truth with authority, even if it leads to opposition.

The sermon emphasizes the importance of embodying Christ-like qualities in our daily lives, recognizing that our actions shape others' perceptions of Jesus. By adhering to sound doctrine and exhibiting godly behavior, we make the Bible attractive and honor our calling as representatives of Christ.

Calvary Chapel West Jacksonville, led by Pastor Allen Victor, encourages believers to live out their faith authentically.

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