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August 2, 2023

The Afterglow: The Gift of Faith

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In this sermon presented by Pastor Allen Victor of Calvary Chapel West Jacksonville," we will delve into the works of the Spirit, specifically focusing on the gift of faith and its two main sources. We'll explore the supernatural abilities given by God to believers for the work of ministry, as well as the distinction between the Word of Faith and the Gift of Faith. Throughout the message, we'll discover examples of extraordinary faith from the Bible and debunk myths surrounding faith. Join us as we seek to grow in our understanding and practice of faith in God.

  1. Faith and Its Definition: Faith is a substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). It is not mere wishful thinking, but a firm conviction based on God's Word. We'll emphasize that faith without works is dead, illustrating how genuine faith leads to action.
  2. Examples of Extraordinary Faith: Throughout the Bible, we find instances of extraordinary faith in action. From Peter walking on water to Moses parting the Red Sea, these examples will inspire us to trust in God's power and promises.

III. What Faith is NOT: We'll clarify common misconceptions about faith, highlighting that it is not self-reliance or an overemphasis on personal words. Instead, faith looks outward to God and relies on Him, avoiding presumption and arrogance.

  1. The Gift of Faith vs. The Word of Faith: We'll distinguish between the two main sources of faith—faith from God's Word and the gift of faith imparted by the Holy Spirit. Through biblical examples like the lame man at the Gate Beautiful, we'll explore the impact of the Gift of Faith in the life of a believer.
  2. The Promise of Faith: Jesus teaches about mountain-moving faith in Matthew 21:18-22, showing that if we have faith and do not doubt, we can speak to obstacles and see them removed. This faith is anchored in God's promises, giving us confidence to pray with boldness.
  3. Knowing God's Will: We'll explore how David inquired of the Lord to discern God's will and make decisions rooted in faith. We'll also learn from the wisdom of Chuck Smith, gaining insight into seeking God's guidance.

VII. The Practice of Faith: To grow in faith, we must desire and pray for the gift of faith earnestly (1 Corinthians 12:31). Through prayer, we can seek God's infilling of the Holy Spirit and experience the transformative power of faith in our lives.

Join us at Calvary Chapel West Jacksonville, where Pastor Allen Victor will lead this powerful sermon, "The Afterglow: The Gift of Faith." Experience a deeper understanding of faith, learn about its extraordinary manifestations in the lives of biblical figures, and discover the promise of faith in God's Word. Let us strive to practice faith daily, relying on the Holy Spirit's empowerment to do the work of ministry and embrace the supernatural abilities available to every believer.

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