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September 24, 2023

The True Source of Wisdom and Knowledge (Colossians 2:1-10)

Passage: Colossians 2:1-10
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Brother Patrick Toner at Calvary Chapel West Jacksonville interprets the words of Apostle Paul while providing his skilled insight into what God has for us in the first 10 verses of Colossians chapter 2.   A general outline of his message follows but you will be missing out if you don’t listen to the full sermon yourself.

In the ancient city of Colosse, where the vibrant industry of dyeing wool purple thrived, it was easy to be captivated by the allure of wealth and prosperity. However, as we know, material riches often fail to address the deeper problems that can afflict our lives. Money, no matter how abundant, cannot truly solve the complex issues we face. Whether grappling with personal dilemmas, the loss of loved ones, strained marriages, broken relationships, crises of faith, or the pain of church wounds, it becomes evident that we live in a broken world where afflictions are part of life's fabric.

In the midst of adversity, the Apostle Paul penned a letter to the struggling church in Colosse, offering not condemnation but words of encouragement. His message, preserved through the ages, resonates with us today through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Paul urged the believers to be tightly knit together in love, emphasizing the importance of unity among the faithful.

Yet, maintaining unity can be challenging, as even a seemingly innocuous comment can fray the bonds of fellowship. In such moments, forgiveness becomes the glue that holds us together, reinforcing the unity that Christ desires for His followers (John 13:35). Furthermore, God has endowed each Christian with a unique gift to contribute to the body of believers. These gifts are meant to edify one another, providing support and encouragement where it is most needed. Whether it's offering words of encouragement, serving those in need, giving generously, spreading the Gospel, teaching the Word, counseling the troubled, or leading in worship, we are called to employ our gifts for the betterment of the church.

The word "church" originates from the Greek word "Ecclesia," which means "the gathering together." This gathering isn't merely a physical congregation but a spiritual union of believers. Patrick Toner, our speaker, passionately emphasizes that God's Word declares Jesus Christ as the ultimate source of wisdom and knowledge. To find genuine truth, we must immerse ourselves in the Word of God, just as the Bereans did, diligently examining the Scriptures to validate what we are being taught.

Living out God's Word is the exhortation, with the promise that through Christ, we can access the fullness of understanding. Some churches prioritize knowledge, while others emphasize the relational aspect of Christianity. In truth, both aspects are essential for a well-rounded Christian life, as Proverbs 9:10 reminds us, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."

Brother Patrick reminds us that knowing Christ on a personal level is essential for acquiring this knowledge, and to know Him, we must study His Word. The Gospel of John, chapter 1, elucidates the divinity of Jesus, who created everything, and how the Word became flesh. In Christ, we find the embodiment of the fullness of the Godhead.

Our worldview profoundly influences our actions. A biblical worldview anchors our decisions and beliefs in Christ and His Word. Societies often falter when they elevate worldly philosophies above the Word of God. Even if a secular worldview occasionally yields correct answers, it ultimately falls short.

Paul's message to the church includes a warning against false prophets—a caution echoed by Jesus and Peter. In Genesis 3, Satan's cunning manipulation of Eve illustrates that false teachings often contain a kernel of truth within their lies. Our inherent sin nature makes us susceptible to such deceptions. Atheism, at its core, denies the existence of God, evolving into paganism and ultimately rejecting Christ.

Cults, too, deny Jesus, distorting His nature and elevating themselves as gods. To discern falsehood, we must diligently study the truth found in Scripture. Jesus repeatedly appealed to the Old Testament, quoting it over a hundred times. His words remain unchanging, as He declared in Matthew 24:35, "My words will by no means pass away." These words are divinely inspired, breathed by God Himself (2 Timothy 3:16).

Hebrews 4:12 emphasizes the living and powerful nature of God's Word, likening it to a sharp, two-edged sword that discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart. To be rooted in the Word of God is to have a relationship with Jesus, the Creator of all things. It's a relationship that encompasses prayer, daily devotion, and the understanding that Jesus is the ultimate source of truth and knowledge.

Brother Patrick goes on to say as we navigate the trials and uncertainties of life, we must remember that trials are either present or looming on the horizon. God calls us to renew our minds fully, storing treasures in heaven, and recognizing that salvation can be found today. In a world fraught with challenges, Jesus Christ remains the unwavering source of wisdom and knowledge.

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