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November 29, 2023

What’s Achan You (Joshua 7)

Passage: Joshua 7
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In chapter 7 from the book of Joshua, we confront a powerful truth: Every sin committed has consequences. As James reveals, our desires give birth to sin, and when sin reaches full maturity, it brings forth death (James 1:14-15). The tragic tale unfolds in Joshua 7, where one man's secret sin cast a shadow not only over his family but also claimed the lives of 36 Israeli soldiers.

Pastor Allen begins this sermon with a stark revelation: "Sin may be secret, but it's never private" (Joshua 7:1). This challenges the notion that our actions are solely our concern. Jesus affirms this truth, proclaiming that nothing hidden will escape exposure, either on earth or in the divine light of judgment (Luke 8:17, NKJV). Achan's sin ripples through every facet of his life, tarnishing his family's reputation, unsettling his community, and ultimately sealing his own fate (Joshua 7:25).

Sin, we discover, weakens us. In the aftermath of Achan's transgression, Israel's soldiers, anticipating an easy victory at Ai, instead face defeat (Joshua 7:2-5). Joshua and the elders, disheartened by this unexpected outcome, mourn before the Lord. Doubt infiltrates the Israelite camp, emboldening their adversaries (Joshua 7:6-9). The question arises: Why do bad things happen to seemingly good people? The unsettling truth emerges — there is no one truly good, and the consequences of sin extend beyond the individual to affect others (Joshua 7:19).

Divine justice demands accountability, and God instructs the nation to "Destroy the accursed" (Joshua 7:12). Sanctification becomes imperative, coupled with the obliteration of the tainted elements within. The identification and punishment of the guilty follow, underscoring the gravity of sin in the eyes of a just God (Joshua 7:14-15).

Achan's confrontation and confession expose the corrosive nature of sin (Joshua 7:16-21). The acquisition tainted by sin brings no true enjoyment, as lying, fear of exposure, guilt, shame, and spiritual death follow closely behind (Joshua 7:22-25). Achan's entire family bears the weight of his actions, highlighting the inescapable truth that personal sins reverberate through family bonds (Joshua 7:26).

Reflecting on this account, we glean essential insights about sin. It is never truly hidden, always affecting more than just the sinner. Sin's allure masks its internal toxicity, leading to defeat and the absence of God's favor. The path to redemption involves confessing and destroying sin, choosing to face the consequences of acknowledged wrongdoing rather than succumbing to the condemnation of hidden transgressions.

As we navigate the Valley of Achor, symbolic of trouble, we're reminded of ten vital truths about sin. Sin, when hidden, festers and grows, inevitably emerging into the light. Its consequences extend beyond the individual, affecting families and communities. Sin, attractive on the surface, conceals a lethal core. Living in sin leads to defeat, hindering the favor of God in our lives. Acknowledging and confessing sin is the pathway to overcoming its grip. The Valley of Achor serves as a warning — avoid the lurking troubles of sin. Ultimately, we have a choice in sin, but consequences are not within our control.

Join us at Calvary Chapel West Jacksonville, where Pastor Allen Victor guides us through the profound lessons of God’s word.

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