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Matthew 1 Summary
Matthew begins his gospel by tracing the genealogy of Jesus forty two generations, all the way back to Abraham. In the lineage of Jesus, he includes both men and women. Some were prominent like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and Solomon, while others, very little is known about them. Among those mentioned included prostitutes, adulterers, murderers, and idolators.  As you can see, Jesus family tree had many bad apples. 
But despite His family history, Jesus came to be the Christ, the Savior of not only His blood family, but the Savior of all mankind. In Genesis 22:18, God promised Abraham, the first person listed in Jesus’ genealogy, that “In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.” Matthew makes the connection, that the promised child is Jesus, the baby that was born to a virgin mother and who was a descendant of Abraham. For He is Emmanuel, which means God with us.
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It does not matter what your history looks like, Jesus came to save you and to use you to accomplish His purposes. He wants to take ordinary people like you and use them to change history by forming Christ in them. All He wants are willing hearts. Will you allow Him to use you?
Lord God, I know I have not lived up to your standards and expectations. But I know you want to use me despite of my history. Take my life and change me so that Christ can be formed in me, that the world may know you and glorify you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.