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More than a Story

Matthew 13 Summary

Parables are stories that have a word picture that can go along with a principle that can be drawn out of them. Normally from a standard that anyone in that area or profession would immediately understand. In this chapter, Jesus shared several parables that offer an earthly perspective from a heavenly point of view. In the “Parable of the Sower,” Jesus spoke about 4 types of soil which represents 4 types of people and how each person respond to the Gospel differently.

The parables in Matthew 13 had specific meanings and principles hidden within the stories. These parables still have relevance 2000 years later as we see the wisdom and goodness of God.

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Jesus shows us through these parables that there is always a spiritual battle going on. He shows us that we need to constantly look at our own soil and cultivate it through His word and prayer. He tells us that there will be weeds that live among us, in the form of a boss, co-worker, neighbor or even a non-believing spouse. May we help others walk through this cultivating process as we sow the Love of Christ and turn what looks like a weed into a fruitful tree of abundance.


Lord direct my steps as I look towards the principle of sowing and reaping. May you cultivate your will in my life. I ask that you would prune where you see areas of decay or deadness. Graft new excitement into my walk with you. Amen!