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Can’t Be Right if I’m Wrong 

Matthew 15 Summary


39 rich verses in Matthew 15. The only one that Jesus really gave a hard word to or seemed to be disgusted with, was the religious hypocrites. Not like you and I who make  honest mistakes every now and then. But Jesus called these scribes and Pharisees out for worrying about, or majoring in the minors.  They were so right that they were wrong. They would worry about washing hands ceremonies while planning to kill Jesus. Jesus wasn’t so concerned with what they were eating but more with what their hearts and minds were thinking.

From there Jesus moves to another city in Israel where he heals a little girl that is demon possessed. Ever been shunned by someone because of the way your kids or even your spouse acted. Jesus understood the pain of being shunned and He had compassion for a mom who had a sick child. Jesus not only heals the child, but in many ways He healed the mother’s heart. He saw her faith and encouraged that mom that she was doing the right things to raise her child.

Read Matthew 15


So many times we will call somebody out in their sin or maybe you don’t have the courage to call them out, but you secretly judge them. You hold them and their sins to a higher degree of judgment then you hold yourself to. Pharisees and scribes were doing this exact same thing. And as we do often, we ask questions with motives behind them. Motives to judge or trap them in their sin. The whole time we are doing the same or worse sins. Have you ever done this or are you currently doing this? Jesus would say knock it off and look circumspectly at your own wicked heart.

I see at the end of this chapter Jesus’ compassion and acceptance of people, no matter their situation. Can we look unto people who may not look like you or act like you through the eyes of Jesus? Can we  have the compassion it takes to help lead that person into the presence of Jesus?


Dear God allow me to see people through your eyes. Help me to have discernment that it takes to know exactly what that person needs. Especially help me to have the love that it takes to cover a multitude of sin and not to judge with a harsh heart. Amen.