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Here Comes the Bridegroom

Matthew 25 Summary

I love the picture of a wedding, and at every wedding it is always the Bride that everyone is there to see. But at this wedding in Matthew 25, the coming Bridegroom is the one that everyone will be looking for. You have to have an invitation to the wedding and Jesus Christ has given everyone an invitation (John 3:16) but like a lot of invitations many people don’t respond to their invitation.

In the second half of Matthew 25 we see people who have been given talents, treasure and time. God expects us to use these talents to further the kingdom of God here on earth before He comes back to collect His bride.

Read Matthew 25


Just like with a wedding, we wait in anticipation to see the bride walk down the isle, to see the dress, to see the splendor, and the majesty of the moment. Hopefully, that is how we look forward to the coming Bridegroom, who is Jesus. He will come in splendor, majesty, wearing white. He is the Knight in shinny armor of Righteousness who we dream that our daughter would find a groom like Him to marry.

May we be like the five virgins filled with the Holy Spirit and ready to serve the Risen King on His return. May we not be like the five virgins that had no oil (representing the Holy Spirit) that we are either trying to do Christianity in our own power or haven’t ever asked Jesus into our hearts. There are some who have the appearance of godliness but have never gotten it from their head down into their hearts. May we be ready today to confess that we are all sinners and that Jesus is the payment for sin.


May we wait with expectation for our Bridegroom who is coming in the clouds to get His bride (the true believers) and may you God wrap your loving arms around us. Have us be people of action that multiply what you have given us here on earth. That we would be people who want to tell others about the Good News. Amen.