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Preparing the Way

Matthew 3 Summary            
John the Baptist was Jesus’ cousin (See Luke 1). Based on how he was dressed and what he ate, people may have thought he was a bit odd (see Matthew 3:4). But despite his odd appearance, he had a special message and people traveled from all over to hear his message of repentance and baptism. According to the prophet Isaiah, he wrote about John eight hundred years earlier,  about how John would be the one to prepare the hearts of the people for the salvation that would come through Jesus.

One day while John was baptizing people, Jesus came to be baptized by John. He was reluctant at first but after Jesus explained why it was necessary, Jesus was baptized and God confirmed that Jesus is indeed the Savior that was to come by sending the Holy Spirit upon Jesus in the form of a dove.

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Like John the Baptist, it is the calling and duty of every believer to prepare hearts of people for salvation by sharing the message of the Gospel of Jesus. But to avoid being odd and not fitting into society, ninety percent of Christans never share their faith. Are you one of the ninety? Why not change that by praying that God will give you the boldness to share the gospel with a friend, family member or co-worker today.

Father God, your desire is that no one should perish. Give me boldness to share the glorious gospel so that many would come to salvation. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!