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Be transfigured with Jesus

Matthew 17 Summary


Jesus was giving the disciples James, John, and Peter a glimpse into the past so they would know about the future. There is a rich exchange that takes place amongst Jesus’ closest disciples. Elijah and Moses were the prophets of old and here they were in person standing right in front of them. It had to be mind blowing! But yet even after this Peter totally blows it by denying the Savior of the world three times. God speaks of what will happen to God the Son. Then later in the chapter Jesus reiterates that He would be killed and rise on the third day.

Then at the end of this chapter it talks about giving to the church. They’re asking if Jesus is going to pay the temple tax. Jesus tells Peter who is a fishermen and who has caught thousands of fish in his lifetime to go catch another fish. When you catch that fish look into his mouth and take the coin out of his mouth. Then go and pay to the temple. The natural meets the supernatural!

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I remember as a kid riding my bicycle about 12 miles to go see the Miami Dolphins practice. I was mesmerized as I would see these football players walk by. When I was a little boy I wanted to be a football player. Peter had to be in total awe as he witness God speaking with Moses and Elijah standing in front of him. Peter was wrong in his assessment to build 3 tabernacles and I believe that God showed him that. By taking away Elijah and Moses and focusing solely on Jesus His Son. So many times we will lift sports figures, movie stars and even pastors higher than Jesus. The Lord shows us that this should never happen. Your faith has to be about what Jesus did on the cross. Never put anyone or anything in the place that belongs to Jesus.

Peter had to be amazed that this random fish had a coin in his mouth. This never happened before to Peter. But now Peter was being transformed day by day as he sat at the feet of Jesus. Peter was learning that if you have faith in Jesus He will pay all of our debts. Peter would see this not only in the fact that Jesus paid the temple tax but also that He paid in full our debts on the cross.

Lord we get to see that Elijah and Moses both made it into the promise land. The promise of heaven is there for all of us if we just put Jesus first. May I pick up my cross daily and look to Jesus for all my needs. Amen.