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Title To The Kingdom Of Heaven

Matthew 21 Summary:

As predicted in the scriptures centuries earlier, the Lord entered the city of Jerusalem riding on a donkey. In so doing He receives hails of Hosanna which means “save now.” The people enthusiastically welcome Him as their savior making a path for Him with clothes and palm branches. When Jesus made His way right to the temple, He overturned the tables of the money changers and those that sold doves. He did this because they turned the temple into a marketplace instead of a holy place.

The next morning, when Jesus was on his way to the temple, He made a quick stop to cursed the unfruitful fig tree. Then at the temple, the chief priest and elders tried to trap Him with trick questions. But Jesus dodged their trap by answer their question with a question.

The Lord then turns the tables telling them two parables, the parable of the two sons, in which the Lord notes their refusal of John message on how to live right. Noting that the tax collectors and harlots will enter the kingdom of God before them because they believed God’s message.

In the second, parable the parable of the Landowner, Jesus reveals that the vineyard they are caring for belongs to the Lord (Kingdom of God), but they have used it for their personal profit. The Lord makes it clear the time has come when the Kingdom of God will be taken from them and given to another nation which will faithfully care of it.

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This chapter of Matthew’s gospel reveals some truths about what really happens when Jesus gets into your temple. He overturns tables and cleaned the house. Consider this truth, since we are the temple of God, Jesus will also visit our temple. The question we must ask, will He do the same and overturn tables in our temple? It will be wise for us to clean up our temples before He to pay us a visit and cleans house for us?

Something else we need to consider is that as caretakers of the Kingdom of God, we need to be faithful with it. Are we cultivating it so that people will get saved?

Just like a garden, a little water and proper sunlight will make a garden fruitful. So it is with the kingdom of God. The water of the Word and the light of the Son will make even the weakest plant bear fruit.


Lord, continue to overturn the tables in my life. Search me Lord and reveal what you desire I remove. Let me not take the Kingdom of Heaven for granted but to be about tilling, seeding, and caring for the tender plants you have put in my midst. Enable me to hold in view the price you paid to deliver me in your righteousness.