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January 31, 2024

Choose Whom You Will Serve (Joshua 23-24)

Passage: Joshua 23-24
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In this message from Joshua, presented by Pastor Allen Victor, we reflect on the profound truth that our words often reveal the deepest desires of our hearts. Joshua, nearing the end of his life, shares with the Israelites the six things that are paramount on God's heart. First and foremost, he urges them to give glory to God, emphasizing the centrality of acknowledging and exalting the Creator (Joshua 23:1-2). In a world filled with distractions and diversions, this call remains relevant, asking us to evaluate the true focus of our lives.

The second imperative on God's heart, Joshua reveals, is to possess the land (Joshua 23:3-5). This mirrors the divine command for us to overcome the deeds of the flesh, as outlined in Galatians 5. In a parallel sense, we are called to overcome unforgiveness, sin, fear, and the illusion of self-sufficiency. In this, God's desire is for us to conquer the internal battles that threaten to hinder our spiritual journey.

The third charge is to stay the course (Joshua 23:6-8), echoing the words of Paul in Galatians 3:1-4. Remaining steadfast in our faith, despite the challenges and temptations, is a testament to our commitment to God. Joshua's fourth point urges us to remember God's promises (Joshua 23:9-10). Just as God blessed and preserved the Israelites in Egypt, so too does He bless and guide us. We are reminded that those whom God blesses, no man can curse.

As we navigate our spiritual journey, the fifth point instructs us to check our love (Joshua 23:11-13). Staying in the love of God ensures a flourishing relationship with Him and with others. The final exhortation is to finish well (Joshua 23:14-16). The emphasis on perseverance and commitment resounds, encouraging us to endure until the end and receive the eternal reward promised to those who faithfully follow God.

Turning to Joshua 24:1-2, we hear God's direct words to Israel. The recounting of God's actions in verses 2-5, where He took, led, multiplied, and preserved them in Egypt, serves as a powerful reminder of His faithfulness. In Joshua 24:6-8, the narrative continues with God's actions in bringing them out of bondage in Egypt and leading them into the abundance of the promised land.

Joshua 24:9-10 emphasizes God's blessings, urging us to recognize and appreciate the divine favor that accompanies our lives. The charge to stay in the love of God echoes throughout Joshua's closing words, guiding us to a life marked by love and devotion.

Let us remember these last words of Joshua and apply them to our lives today. May we give glory to God, possess the spiritual land by overcoming our internal struggles, stay the course in unwavering faith, remember God's promises, check our love, and strive to finish well. In doing so, we align our hearts with what matters most to God.

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