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March 31, 2024

Evidence that Demands a Response (John 20)

Passage: John 20
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The belief in life after death in heaven is pervasive, with a majority of Americans and an even higher percentage of Christians affirming heaven’s existence. Yet, skeptics demand evidence, often unconvinced by traditional arguments. Jesus' claim of resurrection is foundational to Christianity, but how can we know it's true? The empty tomb and eyewitness testimonies provide compelling evidence, despite various false theories proposed over time, such as Jesus merely fainting or the disciples stealing the body. However, even those who witnessed Jesus' resurrection firsthand initially doubted, including Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John, the ten disciples, and Doubting Thomas.

Mary Magdalene's witness carries significant weight, considering societal norms at the time that diminished the credibility of women's testimony. Yet, she was the first to see, hear, and touch the risen Jesus. Similarly, Peter, John, and the other disciples encountered the empty tomb and later saw and heard Jesus, leading to a transformative response. Doubting Thomas, infamous for his skepticism, demanded tangible evidence and was ultimately convinced upon seeing and touching Jesus.

These eyewitness accounts didn't just provide evidence; they spurred action. Mary shared the news, the disciples served Jesus, and Thomas surrendered to him. The question remains: What about you? Do you believe in the resurrection of Jesus? Are you sharing, serving, and surrendered to him?

Join us at Calvary Chapel West Jacksonville under the guidance of Pastor Allen Victor as we delve into the evidence that demands a response, exploring the profound implications of Jesus' resurrection.

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