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March 31, 2024

Heaven Is Real (Matthew 28:1-7)

Passage: Matthew 28:1-7
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Each year on Easter Sunday, we commemorate the most significant event in Christianity – the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's a day of unparalleled celebration, surpassing even Christmas in its importance. Jesus, after enduring suffering and death, triumphed over the grave on the third day, rising victoriously. But what does this resurrection mean for us? Firstly, it signifies the forgiveness of our sins, offering redemption and reconciliation with God. Secondly, it assures believers of their own resurrection and the promise of eternal life in heaven.

In John 14, Jesus reassures his disciples, promising to prepare a place for them in his Father's house. Just as travelers plan meticulously for a vacation, we should inquire about our destination – heaven. Common questions about heaven often arise, such as its reality and location. Yet, Jesus' resurrection stands as the most reliable proof of its existence. Scriptures and visions, like those of Stephen, Paul, and John, provide glimpses into the heavenly realm.

Curiosity extends to various aspects of heaven, from the presence of pets to the nature of our bodies. While some questions remain unanswered, Scripture assures believers of a perfect, sinless existence in God's presence. The joy of heaven is enhanced by the promise of recognizing loved ones and participating in ruling alongside Christ.

The prospect of heaven prompts introspection – will we be there? The thief on the cross offers hope for those who turn to Jesus even at the last moment. Concerns about the fate of unbelieving family members are alleviated by trust in God's justice and mercy. In heaven, memories may be transformed, and tears wiped away, allowing for unmitigated joy in God's presence.

Join us at Calvary Chapel West Jacksonville, led by Pastor Allen Victor, as we explore the reality of heaven and the transformative power of Jesus' resurrection. For more information, visit our website at and consider supporting our ministry at

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