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May 12, 2024

Love: Mom’s Greatest Superpower

Passage: Genesis 1:26-27
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In a world where the term "superpower" often conjures images of caped crusaders and cinematic heroes, there exists a far more profound and real superpower embodied by countless women around the globe: the power of love, especially exemplified in the role of a mother. Imagine a job posting for a position demanding superhuman attributes: Director of Operations. The requirements are exhaustive—24/7 availability, no vacations, constant multitasking, and no salary. But billions of individuals hold this position—moms.

God's greatest attribute is often found mirrored in mothers. Just as He made man in His image, He made moms with a portion of His own attributes. Moms are sophisticated, beautiful, and full of grace, patience, and compassion. They are devoted, dedicated, and sacrificial, nurturing, and resilient, selfless and encouraging, protective and inspiring. But above all, their greatest attribute, reflecting God's own essence, is love—love that lays down its life for others.

Yet, despite this great love, motherhood is not without its challenges. Mothers face daily struggles, from balancing work and family life to dealing with mental health issues like anxiety and loneliness. The societal pressures and expectations on mothers can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of failure and inadequacy. Comparison, especially in the age of social media, exacerbates these feelings.

But imagine a world without moms. Their absence would leave a profound void. They are the unsung heroes, often feeling like failures despite their immeasurable contributions. The pressure to be a "Proverbs 31 woman," capable of doing everything, can be crushing. Yet, mothers must be reminded that they are not failures; they are heroes.

The true wonder of motherhood lies not in feats of strength or supernatural abilities but in the everyday sacrifices fueled by a heart overflowing with love. Moms have been endowed with this greatest gift—love—that drives them to put their children above all else, sacrificing their own desires and comforts.

In the biblical narrative, we see Mary, a young woman chosen to bear the Son of God, receiving three reminders that every mother should take to heart: the Lord is with you, you are blessed, and you have found favor with God. Mothers are encouraged to keep loving, praying, and trusting, knowing that their efforts will not be in vain.

Honor for mothers is not just a one-day event but a daily practice. Children and husbands alike should express love and appreciation regularly, avoiding criticism and publicly acknowledging their worth. Grandmothers too deserve recognition for their enduring love across generations.

As we conclude, let us pray for strength, grace, and blessings on all moms, whether they are hoping to be mothers, expecting, or already grandmothers. And let us remember that love, especially a mother's love, is indeed the greatest superpower of all.

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