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May 15, 2024

Four Things That Touch the Heart of God (Judges 10)

Passage: Judges 10
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The sermon, "Four Things That Touch the Heart of God," explores Judges 10 and provides a compelling look at the recurring cycle of sin in Israel's history, alongside the profound moments that capture God's attention and mercy. Pastor Allen Victor of Calvary Chapel West Jacksonville guides the congregation through this chapter, revealing how ordinary and extraordinary actions of faith and repentance resonate deeply with God.

Israel's history, marked by periods of peace and rebellion, showcases how the nation repeatedly fell into sin, yet occasionally performed actions that touched God's heart. This sermon identifies four significant actions that appeal to God: repentance, sincere prayer, faith, and obedience. By examining the lives of the sixth and seventh judges of Israel, Tola and Jair, the sermon illustrates these principles.

Tola, who judged Israel for twenty-three years, represents the many believers whose lives seem uneventful and unremarkable. Tola's story, devoid of dramatic exploits, reflects the quiet faithfulness of countless Christians who live and die without making notable ripples. This calls the congregation to strive for more—to step out of comfort zones and impact the kingdom of God. Pastor Victor challenges the listeners to be remembered for their faith and service, rather than merely existing.

In contrast, Jair, with his thirty sons riding thirty donkeys, symbolizes those who outwardly display wealth and importance. Yet, like Tola, Jair's legacy is not defined by extraordinary achievements. This comparison underscores that what truly matters are the actions done for Christ, as highlighted by the poem from C.T. Studd: "Only one life, 'twill soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last."

As the sermon transitions to Israel's repeated rebellion, Pastor Victor examines why the Israelites continued to serve foreign gods despite the Lord's proven faithfulness. The allure of idols promising peace, prosperity, health, and happiness often led the Israelites into bondage. The sermon emphasizes that modern believers can fall into similar traps, treating God as a means to an end rather than obeying His instructions and commands.

Judges 10:6-9 recounts Israel's turn to false gods, resulting in God's anger and their oppression by the Philistines and Ammonites. This passage highlights the importance of obedience and the consequences of straying from God's path. Pastor Victor explains that God's protective hand is upon those who walk in His ways, but disobedience opens the door to spiritual attacks. Yet, God allows these challenges, hoping they will drive His people back to Him, much like the waves pushing one towards the Rock of Ages, as Charles Spurgeon eloquently stated.

The Israelites' cries for deliverance in Judges 10:10 reveal their recognition of sin, though not genuine repentance. God's response in Judges 10:11-14 underscores the difference between regret for consequences and true sorrow for sin. Despite their pleas, Israel's continued worship of foreign gods demonstrated their insincerity. However, true repentance—admitting guilt without excuses, turning from sin, and submitting to God—finally touched God's heart, as seen in Judges 10:15-16.

Pastor Victor draws parallels between Israel's repentance and the actions that please God today. Genuine repentance, heartfelt prayer, unwavering faith, and strict obedience are the keys to touching God's heart. He references several scriptures to reinforce these points: 1 Kings 21:27-29, Psalm 66:19, Hebrews 11:6, and 1 Samuel 15:22. These passages collectively illustrate that God's delight is in a contrite heart, sincere communication, faith in His promises, and obedience to His will.

As Israel prepares for battle against the Ammonites, the sermon concludes with a reminder that spiritual vigilance must accompany repentance. The gathering at Mizpah, meaning "watchtower," signifies the need for constant vigilance and prayer, as Jesus advised in Matthew 26:41. Pastor Victor encourages the congregation to remain watchful and prayerful, echoing the Apostle Paul's struggle with sin and his reliance on Jesus Christ for deliverance (Romans 7:15-25).

This sermon not only provides a historical analysis but also offers practical applications for contemporary believers. It challenges them to examine their own lives, repent sincerely, pray from the heart, maintain faith, and obey God's commands. By doing so, they can touch the heart of God and experience His enduring mercy and grace.

Join us at Calvary Chapel West Jacksonville, under the leadership of Pastor Allen Victor, as we continue to explore God's Word and its relevance to our lives.

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