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February 18, 2024

When Love Showed Up (Titus 3)

Passage: Titus 3
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In this sermon, Pastor Allen delves into the profound wisdom found in Titus 3, exploring its relevance to our lives amidst the challenges and debates of our time. As we shepherd the flock of believers, recent events such as the tragic shootings at Lakewood Church and the jubilant celebrations of the Super Bowl Parade turning deadly serve as poignant reminders of the turmoil and diversity in our society, sparking political, cultural, and spiritual debates that can often escalate into arguments and fights. In such a climate, it's crucial to reflect on the role of the Christian and how we should conduct ourselves.

Drawing from Titus 3:1-8, we're reminded of the imperative to submit to rulers, not merely out of fear, but as an expression of respect, obedience, and readiness to do good. This echoes the biblical principle articulated in Romans 13:1-7, where the government is ordained by God, and in Matthew 22:21, which instructs us to render to Caesar what is Caesar's. Furthermore, we're urged to cultivate a language of peace and humility, abstaining from speaking evil and instead being gentle and humble in our interactions with others. This aligns with the teachings of 1 Peter 2:21-25, emphasizing the importance of following in the footsteps of Christ, who Himself exemplified these virtues.

Titus 3 also prompts us to reflect on our own past, reminding us of the darkness from which we were saved and the transformative power of kindness and love. Verse 4 poignantly captures the essence of our salvation experience—when kindness and love appeared, we were not seeking Christ; rather, He sought us out, despite our unworthiness and rebellion. This echoes the profound truth expressed in John 3:17, that God's purpose in sending His Son was not condemnation, but salvation for the world.

Furthermore, our salvation is not attained through works of righteousness; it is a gift of grace extended to us while we were still sinners, as illustrated in the account of the woman caught in adultery in John 8. Through the washing of regeneration, we experience a spiritual rebirth, a transformation initiated by God's mercy and not by any merit of our own. This regeneration is akin to inheriting God's spiritual genes, a profound reconfiguration of our nature by His grace alone.

As we contemplate these truths, let us be reminded of the immeasurable mercy of God, who, out of His boundless love, extends salvation to us despite our unworthiness. May we, as members of Calvary Chapel West Jacksonville under the guidance of Pastor Allen Victor, embody these principles in our daily lives, striving to be agents of peace, humility, and love in a world that desperately needs it.

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